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Buying and creating a new home can be a complicated enough process. If you have an existing home to sell before moving to a new manufactured home, partner with Ziegler Homes to work with you from start to finish.
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Do you need to sell an existing home before you start your new project? Do you have a plan in place in the case that your home sells before your new home is available?

Whatever the case may be, Ziegler Homes has services available to fit your situation.

Our Home Building Process

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Verification of Purchasing Funds

Once we're able to verify that you're ready to start the manufactured home building process, Ziegler Homes becomes your partner through the process.
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Pre-Approval Letter from Lender

Our experts — including an on-staff realtor — ensure that a construction loan from a lender is in place.
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Mutual Acceptance on Identified Property

The final preparation is ensuring that the intended property is identified and a mutual acceptance is in place for new manufactured home development.
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We Build Your New Home!

As your single-source solution, Ziegler Homes works directly with you to build a Skyline Manufacture Home to your specifications.

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